Addiction to a drug can develop in just two weeks of continuous use, even under prescription. This dependence can be both psychological and physical. Medicines used to treat anxiety and insomnia include benzodiazepines, barbiturates, among others.   

Characteristics of licit drug addiction

Dependence on hypnotics and anxiolytics decreases alertness and determines babbling expression, poor coordination, confusion and slow breathing. These medicines can make a person switch between depressão and anxiety. Some people experience memory loss, wrong decision making, moments of loss of attention, and brutal changes in emotional state. Older people may seem insane, may speak slowly and have difficulty thinking and understanding others. Falls may occur and result in bone fractures, especially the hip.

Each substance acts differently and has a different potential for dependence and tolerance. In general, all individuals who become dependent on this type of drug started using them as a form of therapy for a period that should be limited. Sometimes the need for high doses over long periods to treat a serious problem promotes addiction, but it is common for patients to use more medication than prescribed, promoting drug addiction, which is difficult to circumvent.

Lack of motivation, loss of interest and isolation are indicative signs and consequences of this problem.

How we work with legal drug addiction

For individuals already dependent on medication, withdrawal is indicated as directed by a physician in order to lessen the effects caused by the lack of medication in the body. Under close medical supervision (Psychiatrist) and 24-hour monitoring by our team, the patient will have a treatment plan according to the specificity of their problem. It will also have a strong sports component that will allow the body to clean and restore the necessary levels for proper functioning.

All other therapeutic and complementary activities, individual and group, will restore healthy patterns of relationships with themselves (self-esteem) and with others.

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