Family Intervention Program

Do you want to help a family member or friend?

This program was created to work with family or friends to create the necessary conditions for those who need treatment to recognize this need and accept the help offered. This is a program designed to support families or friends during and after treatment as well as to lay the foundation for a healthy return after treatment. If you are looking to help a family member or a friend, we have the best solution.

This service is provided inside and outside our facilities by qualified and experienced technicians who will create a personalized and targeted plan, considering the characteristics of the person to whom it is addressed.

However, it is crucial that family members or friends follow the guidelines of a skilled technician and are willing to change their own course of action. If the family does not change their attitude, then the situation will hardly change.

This is an innovative model that works. It has been in the United States for 40 years and is being implemented in the Iberian Peninsula by qualified and certified professionals.

We have this service.


-We work mainly with family and with significant people, aiming to show all love and concern without judgment and without blame.

-It is important for the family “team” to learn together the importance of setting boundaries and, most importantly, maintaining them.

-Let’s show with love the help being given to you (treatment) without confrontation (the patient/addict is disarmed because his normal environment is chaos and conflit)

Why does it work?

-It is a model with a very high success rate: most cases enter the day of the Intervention (the rest usually within a month).

-We don’t stop working until the patient goes into treatment

-We intend to continue working with the family during and after treatment.


– Rock bottom: each has its own, it is relative and there is no need to get there.
– People don’t change: it’s possible to change!
– To be afraid is not to have love.

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