Drug Addiction

Drug use (drug addiction) remains a major worldwide scourge. Premature deaths, risk of disease and problems with the law become part of the daily life of addicts.


Alcoholism is currently considered one of the greatest family dramas, all the dynamics involved brings the alcoholic to isolation and life in suffering.


The depression is not inevitable, nor a conviction. Although you have often been told otherwise, convincing you that you are depressed for the rest of your life, depression is a healthy response from your body: a sign that your life is not going well and you need to do something about it.


Sometimes when you try to resolve some emotional issues you find relief from very unhealthy behaviors, although making sense to us those behaviors drag us into a suffering and self-destruction process that you cannot control.

Other Dependencies

At Heritage we also deal with other dependencies such as gambling, internet, sex and codependency. There are other obsessive-compulsive disorders that are also treatable.

Family Program

The Family´s Therapeutic Program (Family Program) at Heritage Counseling Clinic places special emphasis on family involvement and/or other meaningful relationships.

Clinic for treatment of addictions and behaviors.

We make recovery possible!

Following high standards of quality, comfort and professionalism, Heritage Counseling Clinic is committed to their patients and families to provide the highest and competent quality service by presenting a multidisciplinary technical team with extensive experience in the field and the most complete therapeutic program in Europe with technical approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Family Program as well as complementary therapies: horse-assisted therapy, art therapy, yoga, chi-kung and physical education. It also has a peaceful and nature-rich surrounding area featuring a swimming pool and gym with an assisted training plan by a personal trainer.



Heritage offers a range of activities, which we consider very valuable in the development and recovery of the individual, which will make your stay more enjoyable, such as: swimming pools, equipped gym and its many professional teacher classes, yoga, chi-kung, horse therapy, art therapy by qualified coaches, table tennis, mini football, cycle tourism, rappel, canoeing, hiking, beach, gardening and introduction to small farming.

It is possible to change!

Our premise is that it is possible to change and that everyone is a unique human being, we believe in our work and our mission. We invite you to visit our site, watch our video and do any questions to our team!



Heritage Counseling Clinic is ruled by quality high standards, accuracy and professionalism related to facilities, staff and therapeutic program.


Everything at Heritage is designed so that the relationship between the patient and our employees flows naturally, so that the patient feels quickly integrated.


Our work and availability to our patients and families creates an environment of trust that endures during and after treatment


With over 20 years of experience in this area and constantly updated, we are committed to presenting the best and most reliable methods

Heritage Counseling Clinic offers the most
complete therapeutic program in Europe.