Many people worry or have already deeply worried about someone who has obsessive-compulsive, self-destructive and addictive behavior. Whether you are a friend, family member, spouse or child, this experience has changed your lives. By identifying this situation, sometimes there is someone who protects the addict and is usually his or her nuclear family. Other times the nuclear family is taken by surprise, or unaware of the seriousness of the situation.

Symbiotic connections, abrupt rejections, relationships based on paradoxical communications, get mixed up in the family’s daily plot, hampering attempts to real change.

The family’s “honeymoon” usually lasts longer, while the addiction protects consumption by concealing and denying its dependence, family denial prevails in family defense mechanisms.

Each partner almost obeys implicit rules, aiming to keep the “chaos”, almost lived as less dangerous than a real change.

Many times, the family and/or spouses end up giving more importance to the life and problem of the addict, leaving behind and devaluing their own life, developing patterns of codependency.

The Family´s Therapeutic Program (Family Program) at Heritage Counseling Clinic places special emphasis on family involvement and/or other meaningful relationships in order to provide them with the help they need to better understand and be able to help dealing with their loved one’s problem and with themselves.

The therapeutic sense that we propose in the Heritage Family Program consists essentially of:

  • Helping the addict to face reality.
  • Rearrange the family dynamics, stimulating the regeneration of each element.
  • Replace the term “scapegoat” and introduce ethics in the sense of respect and full participation of all.
  • Reduce crisis destructiveness by creating healthy ways of communicating.
  • Encourage separation and empowerment processes, comfortable for everyone.

Heritage Counseling Clinic offers the most
complete therapeutic program in Europe.