Recovering from addiction must be an active process, working a daily program that leads to a full and productive life.

Recovering from addiction “is like climbing a descending escalator”, it is impossible to stand still when it stops rising, inevitably begins to descend, and you do not need to do anything special to develop the symptoms that lead to relapse. To relapse is enough to fail to perform appropriate tasks for recovery

Symptoms leading to relapse develop spontaneously in the absence of a structured and strong recovery plan.
From the moment you abandon the recovery plan, it is only a matter of time until symptoms arise. If you do nothing to manage them properly, you may experience a period of loss of behavioral control, which we refer to as relapse syndrome.

The relapse process is not just the act of drinking or using drugs, there is a progression of warning signs.

At the end of the Heritage Counseling Clinic Treatment, this relapse prevention phase is foreseen for all our patients treatment plans, as well as active participation in after-care groups throughout the recovery of patients who end their inpatient phase but are still being followed by the technical team.

Maintaining sobriety is not enough to live happily, the process must be one of continued growth that requires healthy decision making and choices.

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