Why Heritage?

Some of us, at one time or another in our lives, are confronted with situations where we feel the need to change something in ourselves or to help those around us, whether it be in the way we act or think, and we find that we cannot do it alone.

It is for all these people that we created the HERITAGE Counseling Clinic (HCC).

HCC is a unique place ruled by high quality standards, both in the providing services and in the facilities offered to its clients. We have created a place where highly qualified technicians with extensive national and international experience to provide a service of excellence, which allows each client to have a personalized program in order to reach their goals as quickly as possible.

Each person is a unique being,

That is why we place great emphasis on the three aspects of the person: the emotional, the physical and the spiritual.

When we created heritage, we wondered what criteria we would impose on ourselves, and it could only be a service where we would not hesitate to turn to someone dear to us, so we looked at all clients with dedication and commitment.

What sets us apart is our intensive treatment (3 to 5 therapeutic activities per day), various therapeutic approaches (group, individual and family therapies, horse therapy, art therapy, yoga, coaching, gym with training plan), physical education, mountain hikes, canoeing, cycle tourism, rappel, swimming pool, self-help group meetings, written work, gardening), the quality and comfort of our facilities, the beauty of outdoor space, personalized treatment plan and one year post-treatment/aftercare follow-up.

I want to thank you for everything you did for me. Here I learned to be a mother and to be a woman. Forever grateful.

C. 2016

Thanks to this house and the whole team my life has finally taken a new turn. I finally got to savor and live life as it is. Thank you for all the support that I still have today.

P. 2013

To express my gratitude, I just need to continue to have the strength of life given to me. Because Heritage has given me back my life, I owe you all the blessing I received!

A. 2018

Heritage Counseling Clinic offers the most
complete therapeutic program in Europe.