Depression Treatment

The depression is not inevitable, nor a conviction. Although you have often been told otherwise, convincing you that you are depressed for the rest of your life, depression is a healthy response from your body: a sign that your life is not going well and you need to take action.

Features of Depression Problem:

If you have already abandoned positive, pleasurable activities, including living with others, becoming passive and drifting, then you feel your life is empty, with fear and anguish.

The demotivation of everyday trivial things that become unbearable and uninteresting also leads to changes in thinking (concentration, reasoning, memory are affected), what we think about us makes us feel the negative future.

Being depressed is like starting to throw away all that is good at home to the street and as you look around and see the house emptying you think to yourself: “I have nothing, I will be in misery, I have no future, there is no hope for me. ”

The depression is a common disease that if treated properly has a good prognosis. Treatment that combines the use of medication with psychotherapeutic support to strengthen one’s personality and help the patient to deal with day-to-day problems and frustrations is needed.

How we work with the problem of depression:

Initiating treatment with people with depressive symptoms need to involve the family in this change plan (Family Program). Assessing strengths and weaknesses makes our program based on the positive aspects and potential of each person.

Start the change and look at the difficulties in another way.

Making life meaningful and interesting, creating new challenges are the primary focus of change and our treatment.

The physical aspect and frequency of a gym are also important, highlighting the need to increase activity to combat “stress hormones”, providing a feeling of increased energy from increased cardiovascular and muscle capacity with supervision. from a sports coach and a weekly training plan.
Contributing to a more positive view of oneself, thus allowing the person to better understand the relationship between continued effort and the possibility of change.

During treatment at Heritage Counseling Clinic patients will be involved in various therapeutic and complementary activities, both individual and group. All of this will restore and strengthen healthy patterns of relationship with themselves (self-esteem) and with others. Healthy habits and daily routines became part of the patient’s daily life.

The Depression is treatable. We make recovery easier and with the utmost confidentiality. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our technical team and we will be happy to help. Contact us to make an appointment. Come meet our facilities, therapeutical program and team.

Heritage Counseling Clinic offers the most
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