Our philosophy is essentially based on this premise: “It is possible to change”. Everyone has internal resources to do so. Change behavior, adapting, adjusting, until the desired result is achieved, a full and peaceful life based on constructive and positive goals.

Therefore, we invest in the treatment of our resident, creating space to know himself/herself better without changers; can think for himself, understand others better, so that he/she can better deal with conflicts not running away from them; acquire new skills in a creative way. Become proactive and get better performance in life.

In order to generate energy we need to feed ourselves, it is crucial for us to teach our residents how to eat properly, to breathe (yoga, meditation and chi-kung) and to exercise (gymnastics, walking, etc.) in order to maximize that same energy and to give the opportunity to link mind and body more powerfully and beneficially to each other.

To all this we add a strong emotionally focused therapeutic component that allows our patients to process their past, their emotions, gather information about their problem, understand why their suffering, their destructive process and achieve peace of mind they much sought after.

We believe that the goal of treatment is to change either behavior, our worldview, or the way we feel and act. Without change there is no evolution, without evolution there is no recovery. It is the passage from negativity to positivity, from unhappiness to happiness. This is what our client are looking for and this is exactly what we have to offer.

Heritage Counseling Clinic offers the most
complete therapeutic program in Europe.